Satsuki Shibuya is a Los Angeles-based artist known for her ethereal creations that seamlessly blend spirituality and visual art. Born and raised in California, Shibuya's diverse creative journey began with a strong foundation in music, specifically piano and vocals, before transitioning into graphic and product design. Her work in these fields laid the groundwork for her unique artistic voice.

A pivotal moment in Shibuya's life came during an extended illness, which deepened her connection to spirituality and shifted her focus to visual art. As a spiritual channel, she translates the intangible energies and sounds she senses into vibrant colors and dynamic forms, using various mediums to create works that resonate on a profound, emotional level.

Shibuya's art is a reflection of her exploration of identity and belonging as a second-generation Japanese American. Her creations convey a sense of harmony and peace, inviting viewers to connect with their own inner experiences and the world around them. She infuses each piece with the energy she channels, capturing the essence of sounds and spiritual vibrations in her work. Through her art, she seeks to inspire others to discover deeper meanings and purposes within their own lives.

Shibuya’s artworks have been noted for their serene and evocative qualities. She continues to evolve her approach to art and spirituality, motivated by a genuine desire to connect with others and offer a sense of tranquility and introspection through her work.


b. 1981 in East Los Angeles, California.
Lives and works in Los Angeles, California

Solo Exhibitions

Moments, Show + Tell, Los Angeles, California
Tête-Á-Tête, Salad Bowl gallery, Tokyo, Japan

Flow, Poketo, Los Angeles, California
Into The Light, Do Design, Madrid, Spain

Collaborations & Projects

ILIA x Tappan, Tappan Collective, Los Angeles, California


BFA, Communication Arts, Otis College of Art and Design, Los Angeles, California

BS, Music Business, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California

Group Exhibitions

Made In L.A., Tappan Collective, Los Angeles, California
Temporal, Tappan Collective, Los Angeles, California

Waves, curated by Kisshomaru Shimamura, Same Gallery (Tokyo), C7C Gallery (Nagoya), Lian (Osaka), Haku (Kyoto), Japan

Los Angeles Invitational Show, George Billis gallery, Culver City, Calfornia
Calm Chaos no. 02, Zeitgenießische Galerie, Heidelberg, Germany
GIFC, 0-0 LA, Worldwide
Generation Art Party, UNICEF, Venice California (2015-2018)

Palette, Ampersand International Arts, San Francisco, California
Kisaragi No Isidis, Edane, Osaka, Japan
Spatially Speaking, Platform/Tappan Collective, Culver City, California
fresh stART, Santa Monica, California

Soul of Asia, Asia Art Network, KEPCO Art Center Gallery, Seoul, Korea
Soho House x Tappan Collective, Soho House, West Hollywood, California

Good Mail Day, Artstream Studios Gallery, Dover, New Hampshire
Floral Edition 003, Collectif Blanc, Montréal, Canada
The Summer Print Shop, Book Stand, FvF Apartment, Berlin, Germany


The Uncanny Practice of Entrainment, artwork, Spirituality & Health Magazine

Artwork + interview, Heim Magazine (Russian)
Another World — In the heart of Cascadia, artwork, Cereal Magazine

Embracing the Moment, cover art & interview, Obscura Magazine (English & Chinese)
Editor’s Notes, artwork, Perdiz Magazine (English & Spanish)
Sweets, artwork, Mill Magazine (Japanese)
Kinfolk Gatherings, Kinfolk Magazine

Lectures, Talks & Workshops

Round Table Discussions, Guest Speaker, USC Roski School of Art and Design MFA Design Program, Los Angeles, California.

The Apoteacary Travelling Tea Bar x Satsuki Shibuya, Immersive Sensory Experience Workshop, Super Farmers, Singapore2022
Crit Crew, Visiting Artist, Thrive Network

Female Identity & Perspectives In Art Today, Panelist, LA Design Festival, Los Angeles, California
Design/Arts Entrepreneur, Guest Speaker, Otis College of Art and Design (2015-2019)

Mindfulness & The Creative Process, Panelist, LA Design Festival, Los Angeles, California
Foundation Forward Alumni Panel, Panelist, Otis College of Art and Design, Los Angeles, California

Authentic Branding, Workshop, Parachute, Venice CaliforniaExplorations in Watercolor, Workshop, Poketo, Los Angeles, California (2015-2017)

Developing Your Intuition for Work and Life, Workshop, Show + Tell, Los Angeles, California

Branding 101, Workshop, Poketo, Los Angeles, California
CONTRAST, Guest Speaker, TYPO International Design Talks, San Francisco, California




  • Talking Spaces with Satsuki Shibuya, West Elm
  • At Home With Satsuki Shibuya, Steven Alan
  • Contrast Conversations with Satsuki Shibuya, TYPO International Design Talks