Míru = To see (in Japanese) with the "í" carrying meanings of
inner exploration.

A Míru energy reading session is a journey into your spirit through surfacing and awakening the true self.

By connecting to your soul energy, subconscious, and higher self, the exploration may include, but not limited to: heightening spiritual awareness, bringing to the forefront current matters, enabling support for your life journey, physical/mental/emotional/spiritual blockages, and possible insights into past lives as well as possible future outcomes based on current life situations.

The reading is guided purely by your spirit, revealing what is to be focused upon at this present moment.


Once payment for a Míru session has been made, please send an email to hello@satsukishibuya.com for available dates/times.

A Míru session includes:

  • A 1-hour energy reading session via Zoom video
  • A audio recording of the session (a link to a digital, downloadable recording will be sent via email)

In preparation for our time together, scroll down to the FAQ section for any questions you may have. Thank you.

Due to a high volume of inquiries, available appointment dates may be extended out 3-5 months.

E N E R G Y  E X C H A N G E

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Please make sure that you are truly ready and committed to experiencing a Míru session prior to your energy exchange as it can often result in the revealing of long and/or deeply rooted emotions and thoughts.

No refunds will be offered.
With an exception to unforeseeable emergencies and natural disasters, missed appointments will not be honored. However, a session may be rescheduled if notice is received at least 72 hours in advance of the originally scheduled appointment date and time.

Satsuki reserves the right to cancel any purchased Míru session with a full refund, at her sole discretion.


While you are welcome to have a friend or family member accompany you during the reading, the session is strictly only for the scheduled individual unless prior arrangements have been agreed upon. Please kindly note that the presence of other individuals in close proximity (e.g. sitting in the same room) could affect the results of the reading.


Satsuki Shibuya adheres to metaphysical laws and through her experience, unique abilities, and education, offers the services listed above. However, this information is not intended to replace advice from medical and/or other professional counselors. Please be advised that you have a choice and by agreeing to a Míru session, you are taking full responsibility for your own actions, whether acting on the advice given or not, and do not hold Satsuki Shibuya or its agents responsible for any actions you decide to partake in.


What is MÍRU?

Míru is an energy reading assisting in heightening spiritual awareness, bringing to the forefront current matters, insights for aligning to life purpose, revealing possible blockages relating to physical/mental/emotional/spiritual wellbeing, and potential visions into past lives as well as possible future outcomes through connecting to the client’s soul energy, subconscious, and higher self.

During the reading, Satsuki tunes into the energies of the individual, downloading and decoding sights, sounds, visuals, shapes, sensations, symbols and any other messages, translating them into language for the client’s understanding.

What do I need to prepare?

Please come prepared with specific questions you would like addressed during the session as an hour goes by very quickly!

Since no information is retained, a sound-only recording of the reading will be sent to you via email after the meeting for reference.

I am located in another state/country, can I still do a reading?

Yes! As channeling energies is not location-specific and readings being conducted via Skype, as long as there is an internet connection, a session is possible.

Can a reading be done via another app/telephone?

Throughout the years and after trying various methods, Zoom video, for the time being, seems to allow for the most accurate and clearest session. Therefore, access to Zoom video is required for all sessions.

Zoom may be downloaded for free here.

What can I expect from a reading?

As no two readings are alike, it is difficult to pin point exactly what to expect from a session. To help better understand what you might encounter during a reading, please kindly see the experiences section for further exploration.

How long is a session?

The session will take an hour and can be from anywhere in the world. Please kindly log into Zoom 5-minutes prior to the start of your session to ensure mic, video, and internet connection is ready.

What types of questions can I ask?

There are no questions that are banned from the reading, unless it is about hurting another or the individual in the session, which Satsuki has the right to refuse answering. Otherwise, please feel free to ask whatever you like!

There is no right/wrong or good/bad in Universal law — it is always a good idea to come with an open mind and heart, knowing one always has the option to choose whether the information shared will be acknowledged or not.

If anytime during the reading you feel uncomfortable about what is being seen or revealed, you always have the option to ask Satsuki to move on from that particular part of the reading. The session is for you and you always have full control of what is being shared.

How is it possible to read another’s energy even if they are not physically in the same space?

A reading is based upon the energies of an individual and although linked to their physical body, does not require close proximity in order to tune in. It is similar to a radio signal where one “tunes-in” to a station and once locked in, can hear sounds clearly over the airwave. Each person has a particular frequency and by tuning in to their unique code, a reading is possible.

Do you offer any in-person readings?

Yes, although due to a high volume of requests and a need to be mindful of energies spent, in-person sessions are currently only accepted in emergency and/or special circumstances.

How is an energy reading different from other types of readings?

There are various types of readings: astrology, numerology, telepathy, aura reading, tarot cards, past-life regressions, afterlife connections, mediumship — those who channel have one, if not multiple specialties to tap into during a reading. A Míru session combines various spiritual modalities, fusing together the subconscious/conscious, connecting to the individual’s soul energy. Sometimes this may bridge into other modalities, but the main focus is to reveal the individual's current life happenings through their higher self and Universal connection.