A bilingual book featuring poems and short passages in both English and Japanese, accompanied by a new collection of paintings created specially for this volume. Moment weaves together Satsuki’s ethereal watercolor paintings with her simple, emotionally resonating words. From the artist: “My hope is that this book will be a catalyst to connect us back to the essence of life. A gentle reminder to cherish all the abundance that is right in front of our eyes — for that is where happiness can be found.”

Moment is a hardcover book whose size, paper stock, and durable cover were carefully considered for portability and longevity — to accompany you on your life’s journey. The interior of the book is divided into 11 chapters, each a collection of verses based on overarching themes such as “In the Now,” “Preciousness of Life,” and “Finding Truth”. You can read the book in order from start to finish or jump right in, allowing your heart to guide you.

8.5 × 5.5 inches, 115 pages. Linen hardcover, foil-stamped.
In both English & Japanese. Edition of 500.


Satsuki Shibuya’s Moment is a tour de force. This bilingual book includes text in Japanese and English uniting poetry and watercolor paintings into a powerful vehicle intending to help you start your journey back to the essence of life. Featuring short mantras for the people, Satsuki highlights simple truths one at a time that provide light through the darkness and remind us that nothing is permanent. Savor these verses and images to cherish the present and learn to be in the moment.

Mike “the PoeT” Sonksen