An amulet for protection.Through gathered information of the individual, insights and visualizations are channeled into a 5×7 inch, one-of-a-kind, original painting — Omamori (amulet) — to aid in aligning, protecting, elevating, and balancing energies where support is needed. The Omamori can be used as an altar piece, carried in a bag, placed next to a bedside table or anywhere intuition guides.

On the back of the painting, a transcribed message, poem, mantra, or affirmation, from the Universe to connect the energies of the amulet with the person requesting the Omamori, will be hand written.

Energy Exchange

$490 – ︎


Can an Omamori be purchased as a gift for another individual?
Yes. The approach towards creation is the same. Once information requested about the individual for whom the Omamori is being made for is received, their energy is channeled directly. Similar to tuning into a radio station, as long as the frequency is known, one is able to enjoy the broadcast.

Are you able to create larger sizes?
Yes. Please inquire at for further details.

What is the current timeline to have a piece created?
Currently the wait is 2-4 months from the time payment is made and all information is received.

Can an Omamori be for more than one person?
Yes, but it would be more of an energy painting than an Omamori, capturing the essence of the spirits represented into a single piece.