By doing what you love,
you inspire
and awaken the hearts of others.

Happiness is not within the thing we acquire, but through the spirit that transpires.

A shift in perspective opens a completely new set of unlimited possibilities.

Beauty unfolds within the pause of each breath.

Our true purpose lies in what aligns.

Take a breath. Life is more than what we do each day.

We may not be able to choose our circumstances, but we always can choose our actions.

We may never know to what degree we affect another, but no one affects us more than our own minds and hearts.

We are glorious creatures emiating love, joy, energy, just by being who we are.

To elicit change, we must be willing to step first, at times accepting discomfort, to move mountains.

Gentler. Softer. No need to harden. A pliable heart, without judging the other, without burdening the self. Release, Breathe. Be.

Growth does not equate to bigger, known or grandiose. Growth can be internal planting roots, quiet en deep.

The path may not be linear, but believing is allowing happenings and miracles to appear.

Living in the moment of being aware of the moment we are in. If our minds are in the past or future, we are not truly alive in the present.

Intuition guides consistently as ego changes continuously.

How to be more present in life? Not to rush through, but savor each moment. That is where the freedom and space reside.

To be, is to align with the self, to our higher purpose, and source, instantaneously.

Say no to bring more yes chosen by you.

Where we decide to place our attention, flowers bloom. Where we see, is where we live, is where life unfolds.

When we realize nothing is a given, is when fear, anger, hate transform into gratitude.

The first step to success is knowing ourselves, not commanded by outside influences, but guided by our spirit. Built upon a solid foundation, any growth will be from the seed of truth.

Being a leader, at times, means allowing another to find their own way.

Many believe energies need to be spent trying to make another interested in waht they are doing, when the fastest route to connection is becoming genuinely interested in the other instead.

Let us never be too pompous,
To think we know all,
For growth is expansion,
beyond our physical form.

When we stop trying to be and allow ourselves to just be, layers unravel like flower petals releasing presenting who we are, just as we are because, we can only be ourselves.

Like leaves of a tree letting go when autumn turns to sleep, releasing what is necessary, to ring in spring.

Conflicting emotions require no immediate answers. Quiet the heart, write out the mind, tame the beast, feel the breeze. Breathe. Answers will come. Answers will come.