There is a famous Japanese comedian by the name of Akashiya Sanma who has coined many quotes, but recently, I came across one in particular that made me stop and think:


In English, this translates to: “A depressed constitution is caused by lack of gratitude.”

Now, I'm not sure if I completely agree with his words 100%, but the base of what is said made me think of how it applies to every life. I began to experiment with it, seeing if it can be used in different scenarios.

When negative/heavier emotions and feelings came, I would ask myself, "If I were to see it from a point of gratitude, what would it look like?"

What was wonderful about this was how easily I could feel the energies transmuting — from anger to peace, from fear to love. Of course, the tougher energies took more time, but I have to admit, more often than not, just by seeing the situation from a place of gratitude made a huge difference not only in my heart but my entire being. Physically I felt more relaxed. Mentally I could sense things slowing down. Emotionally, it was as if a heaviness was lifted. Just by filtering things through GRATITUDE.

It's beautiful, actually, that we this capability within us all. It's simple, and it's always available to us. All we have to do is remember to tap into this aspect of beings.


There is always a rush to do more,
be more,
but, when in doubt,


for it will reveal the next steps to our journey.

When I first heard this from the individual, I laughed as it perfectly encapsulates how this person lives their life; as if they were reciting a life mantra. But, the more I thought about it, I realized the brilliance behind it, as if the Universe was sending a message through the individual.

One part speaks of the physical plane (money, time), the other, of the energetic plane (energy, life). Money is a form of energy we expend in this world and yet, we squander it away as if it is made of air. Time is life itself, yet we spend each moment rushing through it as if meaning is found through speed. Both money and time are prized possessions in our physical world, yet energy and life is the essence of what makes these very things priceless.

If we are to truly value our own energy and life, it is to honor the life energy we exchange for money and limited time experiencing life fully each moment we are alive.

When we hear and speak of manifestation, we may think that setting a specific goal allows for it to become reality and in part, this is true, but the mysteriously beautiful orchestration of the Universe happens when goals are casted in a larger picture, allowing for infinite possibilities to exist as paths instead of just a few. By having a vast vision of the future and allowing oneself to be guided by the flow, any outcome becomes a part of the journey because we are not tied to any particular outcome.

Infinite possibilities = soul-aligning outcomes

When we choose to align with our spirit, we allow for the heart to soften and humility to come through, giving us an opportunity to live life without regrets.

Regrets stem from a denial of our truth, clogging an energetic flow that otherwise would freely come through, manifesting outcomes we desire.

We may not be able to rewind time or see into the future, but we do have the power of now – how will we choose to live our lives?

Our lives are filled with
if we believe it to be truth.
Choices abound,
even in our linear world.
Each day brings us toward death,
each moment is filled with life,
abundant, overflowing,
glistening with beauty,
just by living.
We may not be able to choose our circumstances,
but we can choose how we see each second,
changing the course of outcomes,
changing the course of our lives.
There are no detours,
no wrong turns,
as each path leads to the same point —
we are infinite spirits,
as long as we are on this Earth plane,
let us rejoice in the physical,
fully embrace the emotional,
and give gratitude to a life worth living,
because it is a choice,
how, why, who, where, when.
A choice,
of infinite possibilities.

The way we act,
directly correlates with how we think,
which connects to our focus,
guided by the conscious,
rooted in the direct-link of the spirit-subconscious.

To fully integrate the conscious and subconscious,
it is necessary to understand that we are all from One Source.