School: Shunkashūtō

In Japanese, translated as “spring, summer, fall, winter” (春夏秋冬). A Japanese yojijukugo, capturing the essence of the human existence, our planetary rhythm, and the ever changing landscape within us all. Each season will introduce a different spiritual concept based upon the energies of the class. Prior to the beginning of a season, student’s names will be channeled to bring forth a specific focus for the group.

To preserve the intimacy of each class,
we will only have 11 students per season.


  • 2 meetings per month (1 lecture and 1 discussion) — 6 total
  • Each class 1~1.5 hours
  • Each class will be recorded and available to students who may not be able to join during the live sessions
  • Homework will be assigned catering to each student and their focus
  • A private Slack community for students to meet outside of class + Satsuki to pop-in
  • 1 mini-Energy Reading recording per student
  • Priority for a spot in the following season

Month 1

Lecture (Month 1, Week 1)
Based upon the energies of the students enrolled, a spiritual focus will be introduced to the group.

Some examples may include: internal compass intuition guidance, manifestation based upon past lives, strengthening spiritual gifts, honing inner compass.

Q+A / Discussion (Month 1, Week 2)
Sharing thoughts, insights, answering questions, discussing blockages, etc.
Month 2

Lecture (Month 2, Week 3)
Building upon the spiritual focus of the foundation class, we begin to explore and expand into the ideas, deepening our understanding of concepts, philosophies, and experimenting with elements.

Q+A / Discussion (Month 2, Week 4)
Sharing thoughts, insights, answering questions, discussing, blockages, etc.

Month 3

Lecture (Month 3, Week 5) 
After expansion, selecting specific explorations which align and integrating it into life/work. Actionable steps to be given for each student to help bridge the spiritual into the every day.

Q+A / Discussion (Month 3, Week 6)
Final thoughts shared, insights, answering questions, discussing, blockages, etc.

2024 Spring Season

As spots are limited, please register via the cart link below as soon as possible. If all spots are filled or if you are interested but not yet sure about registering, please add yourself to the standby listbelow, where priority for registration will be given on a first-come-first-serve basis.


Month 1
Tuesday 3/12 10:30am–12pm PST (Lecture)
Tuesday 3/26 10:30am–12pm PST (Discussion)

Month 2
Tuesday 4/9 10:30am–12pm PST (Lecture)
Tuesday 4/23 10:30am–12pm PST (Discussion)

Month 3
Tuesday 5/7 10:30am–12pm PST (Lecture)
Tuedsay 5/21 10:30am–12pm PST (Discussion)


$525 – ︎

Standby List



Please kindly read below. By signing up for a season, you agree to the following:

  • All are welcome.
  • Discrimination, racism, etc. of any kind will not be tolerated.
  • Any instance of such behavior will be an immediate dismissal of the student from the program without refund.
  • Due to privacy reasons, all materials and information shared, including recordings, are to only be viewed by the intended student. No exceptions.
  • The private Slack Channel is for students only. Please be kind, courteous, and compassionate to all who are part of the community. Questionable behavior will not be tolerated.